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A personalized service 

Create and maintain a positive and collaborative work environment, develop a customized plan, retain staff and avoid children discharges. 

One on one coaching session 

Through an assessment, I'll get to know you and your team's current status and needs. The coaching session's goal is to help you remove obstacles you're facing. You'll receive an action plan to work towards your identified goals. 

Tailored virtual workshop for your team 

Empower your team to feel confident and capable to support children's challenging behaviours. They'll fill out a questionnaire to identify their obstacles and objectives. Through interaction, practice, scenarios and examples they'll learn effective and proven strategies. Most importantly, they'll jumpstart their knowledge and walk away with action steps  to move forward. 

Post virtual coaching support

We'll discuss you and your team's progress. Then, we'll focus on other issues your centre might be facing. You'll discover how to breakthrough those barriers with a practical approach. 

Do you want to simplify and improve your approach? 
Send me a message to create the positive changes you deserve! 

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