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I'm here to stop the trial and error. To offer clear and simple advice that you can act on. To help you and your team switch  from saying "I don't know" to "I've got this"! 

My Story

Growing up I was a so called "challenged child". That's why I made a promise to dedicate my work, education and life towards helping misunderstood children. Fast forward 15 + years and I'm grateful for everything I've learned. 

As an educator, I understand the challenges you face. I've been there too. I know how mentally and physically draining your job can be. By studying early childhood education, psychology, applied behaviour analysis, personal development and other disciplines, I found my passion working as a behaviour consultant. Through trial and error, I learned valuable lessons while working in a hospital, in schools and child care centres. 


I've helped hundreds of early childhood educators, program assistants and directors  learn how to safely prevent and respond to children's explosive behaviours. And as a result they felt prepared to seize their days. 

Do you want to simplify and improve your approach? 

I want to share my experience and knowledge with you. I have proven tips and tools to help empower your confidence in challenging situations, big or small. From start to finish. 

Let's Connect! 

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