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Empowering educators to feel confident and capable 
to foster positive changes


Does this sound familiar?​

Your educators morale is low. They struggle with children who don't listen, kick, punch, swear, yell, protest, run away, break and destroy items. Staff turnaround is an issue.

As a leader, you do your best to help.

But sometimes you don't know where to start. Because you're busy juggling so many responsibilities, putting out fires, and filling in for missing staff. 

That's where I come in – to offer you solutions that fit. 

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Hello, I'm Alex
and I'm a behaviour consultant.

Each day, I get to collaborate with directors and educators like you. That's why I love my job. I believe that you help make the world a better place, and I can help you enjoy the journey. 

Personalized service

Create the positive changes you deserve.

One on one coaching session

The session's goal is to provide you with clarity by mapping out a plan to improve your situation. 

Private team worskshop

The workshop's content is tailored to meet you and your team's objectives.

Post coaching follow-ups

To maintain positive momentum towards your identified goals.

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